Avoid booking your entertainer with an online website

Avoid booking your entertainer with an online website

When planning an important event, maybe a big corporate event with important clients, or a wedding with all of your closest friends and family, every planner is focused on making the day or evening absolutely perfect. From the food, decorations and booking entertainment, taking the easy route often leads to low quality, and let down expectations so for the best of your event or wedding, Avoid online entertainment booking sites

For those exact reasons, Mike Russ Entertainments Group Ltd exists to provide the guests at your event the best entertainment possible. From duetting pianos, cover and tribute bands, and comedy, Mike Russ Entertainments Group Ltd pre-screens talent to our own audition process to ensure your event has the best entertainment available.

For more information about booking with Mike Russ Entertainments Group Ltd contact us Enquiry< or call (0161) 7060530.

Beware Online Entertainment Booking Services

Tailored service and reassurance is a guarantee from Mike Russ Entertainments Group Ltd, not so much when you book online. So why book online and risk the quality and reassurance of a great entertainer at your event?

Online entertainment booking / directory services have no pre-screening process in place. Bad and good entertainers alike can sign up to be listed on these online sites. If a performer chooses, they can pay a fee, create a video, and sign up online with no proof of experience or professionalism. There is no filter in place to monitor the quality or experience of bands, entertainers and performers on majority of these online entertainment websites. They tell you there’s not commission to pay but their not going to build an expensive website and not earn from it…Right?

Online booking services are a huge risk that should be avoided when planning an event you want to remember for a lifetime. Although prices on these online booking sites may seem like a great deal, lower prices often equal lower quality and performance.

In the UK its getting common that the easiest way to earn a few quid while signing on at the job centre is to be a singer that performs on a Friday and Saturday and doesn’t declare their earnings to the state, they can earn up to £300 over the course of the weekend on top of the benefits they receive. HMRC are coming down very heavy on these acts as well as the agencies that provide them the bookings. Even the entertainers that Wedding Planners suggest or Event Organisers. With your hard work and your full time job everyone has to pay tax and national insurance, so shy should these people get away with it. You can be rest assured that all the performers with MRE Group are full-time in business and part of the new way of ensuring that all performers are paying the right of tax and national insurances, Agencies have to submit to HMRC a detailed form of all the bookings the performer had from you, name and address of the Booker, address of the venue and date of performance and total cost of the booking. Also showing the total amount of agents fees as well as the performers fee. The one thing that Mike Russ Entertainments (MRE) Group Ltd can faithfully all clients that we don’t deal with those performers that only work on a Friday and Saturday evening due to full time work commitments.

Mike Russ Entertainments (MRE) Group Ltd Entertainment wants to ensure your event is as perfect as you hope for. We have a wide variety of performers that will make you laugh, sing, and dance all evening long. If you are planning a wedding, corporate event, party or festival, contact Mike Russ Entertainments Group Ltd here or call 07925 183 493.

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