Best Corporate Entertainment Business Greater Manchester

When you start your entertainment business you never know how its going to unfold, the same as any other business. If we went back 30 years banks would throw money at entrepreneurs and businessmen who would start a business. I have been working in the entertainments industry for nearly 37 years in December and I started out as a singer on board the worlds most Luxury Cruise Liner, “The Queen Elizabeth II or famously known as The QE2” It was here that I accidentally started my music / entertainment career, a roll I kept a secret from my family, who were extremely strict Victorians and that was the way my father was brought up.

When I started Mike Russ Entertainments (MRE) Group Limited, I had very little finance and I worked extremely long hours too keep up with social media and sending out marketing letters and emails. But its right what they say if you put your mind to it and worked extremely hard and stayed focus and positive you can achieve anything.

I received another fantastic email that had attached our winners stamp for letters, emails and website and there is was my company name and I was proud as a man holding his first new baby and to make it even more special informing me when I had to come and receive my award.

So I am pleased to announce that Mike Russ Entertainments (MRE) Group Limited has been awarded The Best Corporate Entertainments Business Greater Manchester from a Global Worldwide Lux Life Magazine

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