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Tight Fit are a British pop group who had a number of hits in the early 1980s, including a UK No.1 (for three weeks) with their cover version of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" in 1982.

The three original members: Steve Grant, Julie Harris and Denise Gyngell reformed in 2010 for the sheer pleasure of doing what they have always enjoyed - entertaining audiences! This has been at a range of gigs, festivals and celebrations as well as appearing on TV and Radio such as Sky's 'Show Business' and performing live on Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother.

The three originally came together in 1982 to perform the studio produced hit, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". The sight of two young nubile, twenty something girls strutting their stuff in thigh length leopard print boots, and a tall dark and handsome twenty something young man in a loin cloth proved too much for the British public to ignore. The Tight Fit performances helped push the single from number 74 to the coveted Number One spot in March 1982 for three weeks, as the public bought the single in droves.

Tight Fit went on to showcase their singing talents and produced more classic pieces of 80's pop - including the top-five hit "Fantasy Island" and "Secret Heart" - and they toured extensively for the next few years, winning fans around the UK and Europe.

Now after 30 years, they are back - and Do They Look Good? Yes - they do!!! So good in fact the BBC's Graham Norton at first said he couldn't believe it. But, just as importantly they sound great and bring a unique feel good factor to every show, performing a range of old favourites and updated classics. The band is also working with exciting DJs and Producers for an upcoming album and has experienced resurgence in the last couple of years with successful dance tracks.

Join Steve, Julie and Denise, back singing their hits and other magical pop numbers that get audiences on their feet before you can chant "A-Wimoweh"!

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WOW. Tight Fit sound and look as great as they did back when I first saw them in the early 80’s as a teenager – and Julie in particular still looks as ravishing as she did to the rather impressionable me back then. Lol.

Andy McGhee

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